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Remember this is a fun game and attitude is everything. If you come with a positive attitude you will have a great day.  

Most importantly — The parking lot is a safe zone. Absolutely no shooting. Muzzels down, mags out at all times. No dry firing at all in the parking lot. 

Think safe and be safe.

Treat the gun as if it is loaded, don’t point it at anyone.  Keep fingers off trigger and keep muzzles down. Treat Keep Keep.

After leaving the parking lot anywhere past the entrance cones is an eye protection zone. At no time should eye pro come off while on the field. If you are having eye pro issues, please correct in the parking lot once you are back safely in the staging area. Do not adjust, wipe, or remove eye pro at any time on the field

Please call your hits. Friendly fire counts, ricochets do not. As soon as you are hit, call out loudly, pull dead rag, and raise a hand and keep calling out until you reach your designated dead area or respawn area. Dead men do not talk or move. Please say hit hit hit, good job good shot. 

EG67s eliminate everyone in a 20 foot area, in the conex they go off in, in the building, or in the bus.

Thunder B with bbs — Eliminates everyone in the buildings, buses Conex, or in the Prison.

Full Auto and Semi Auto — Please keep game play friendly. Semi auto only unless all day unless the replica is an LMG with a belt or box type mag. LMGs have a forty foot (one container) minimum engagement distance. When entering a building remember to use semi auto and shoot low. When a player calls hit hit hit, says good job and good shot, and displays dead rag, stop shooting please. Treat others as you want to be treated.  

Please remember to bring a good attitude.  Remember to play fair, call your hits, use your dead rags and concentrate on setting a good example for others.  Help us work together to build a strong Airsoft community in Augusta County. Help us be the best Field we can be. 


152 Johnson Avenue
Stuarts Draft, VA

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